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Ings Lane Staxton, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO12 4SS


Hertford Vale Church of England Primary School

Respect, Kindness, Love, Peace, Resilience




Dear Parents and Carers,

As you are all aware, school closes for the half term break today.  However, this does not change a great deal for the majority of our families at the moment. Since January, we have had roughly half the school in each day but this is not how we would like things to be.  Factored into this is also the closure of the Key Stage 1 bubble this week which means our numbers have fallen even further.

We have spoken to a lot of parents and carers on a daily basis over the last few weeks about the pressures you are all facing with home schooling, working from home and simply getting through the weeks as they pass by.  There is a mixture of emotions among our families and your regular contact helps us understand what families are facing.

What we have seen across the board though, is a commitment from all our families to support their children as best they can.  The expectations from the government about how much school work should be done each day has proven to be a challenge for a lot of families, especially those with children of different ages.  We have tried to strike a balance between setting enough work to keep children busy against not overloading you as parents/carers at the same time. 

This has been successful for most people but what the government has not taken into account are the challenges you face in terms of motivating your children day after day to sit at the screen and do their work. 

Hopefully you can take a break over the half term and focus on something else for a few days.  We are looking forward to an announcement of a return to school for all pupils in March but this is dependent on many things, all of which are out of our control.

We look forward to the next half term with optimism about all the children coming back to school and hope you have a good half term break.

Take care,

The Hertford Vale team. 


Dear Parents and Carers.


Here are the  dates and times for the next Google Meets :


Mrs Boyes’ Class - Thursday 11th February - 10:00am

Mrs Kenyon’s Class - Thursday 11th February - 11:00am

Miss Shadman’s Class - Friday 12th February - 11:00am

Miss Hegarty’s Class - Monday 22nd February - 11:00am

Miss Dodds’ Class - Tuesday 23rd February - 10:30am


If you have any issues connecting to the meetings, please let us know.


Thank you.




Dear Parents and Carers.

The week has flown by again and we are looking ahead to next week.  The weather looks mixed and there is a possibility of snow early in the week.  We normally do not close if at all possible as we understand the disruption it causes to families.  However, the current structure means that we do not have the option of mixing different classes together if staff and children cannot get into school.

We have members of staff who live in areas that may mean they cannot easily get into school if the weather is bad.  We will do our best to remain open but will have to keep you posted as we watch the weather over the weekend.  If we are forced to close we will let you know via the app, text service and website.

The home learning is going well and most families are able to connect to the Google Classroom and the Google Meets each week.  We are conscious of the amount of time children spend on their laptops and other devices.  We want to stress that it is perfectly acceptable for the children to have breaks, be creative and get fresh air - just as they would in school.

You know your children well and what they need in terms of rest and relaxation.  Please use your judgement to strike a balance between work and play as we understand that things are not easy for those families at home.

Have a good weekend and we will be in touch soon.

The Hertford Vale team.


Dear Parents and Carers.


Here are the Google Meet dates and times for the next week :


Mrs Boyes’ Class - Thursday 4th February - 10:00am

Mrs Kenyon’s Class - Thursday 4th February - 11:00am - to be rescheduled

Miss Shadman’s Class - Friday 5th February - 11:00am

Miss Hegarty’s Class - Monday 8th February - 11:00am

Miss Dodds’ Class - Tuesday 9th February - 10:30am


If you have any issues connecting to the meetings, please let us know.


Thank you.


Dear Parents and Carers,

As the school week draws to a close we thought a quick message before the weekend was in order. 

Things in school have been pretty much the same as the last few weeks.  The children in school are having as normal a day as possible and the staff are all working hard to make their days feel as they did before the lockdown.  Unfortunately, as we don’t have all the children in school it does feel different and is not the same.  We miss the children, families, normal school life and we look forward to when we can have everyone back in.

The remote learning you have been taking part in at home has been amazing.  Your dedication to helping your children at home is something to be proud of.  We know that every family is different and that you will all have your own set of circumstances that affect how much time you can devote to lessons.  This is on top of running a family home, working and keeping yourselves physically and mentally fit.

Some parents and carers have contacted us to say that they don’t have enough time to complete all the work being set.  This is totally understandable and we want you to know that whatever you do will be making a difference.  We do not want you to feel additional pressure and stress at this time as we know that you have enough to cope with simply getting through the current situation.

We hope you have a good weekend and remember that we are here for you if you need to contact us.

Take care,

The Hertford Vale team.


Good morning.

Here are the dates and times for the next Google Meets.  They are the same days and times as last week.  From now on they will take place on the same day and time each week until further notice :


Mrs Boyes’ Class - Thursday 28th January - 10:00am

Mrs Kenyon’s Class - Thursday 28th January - 11:00am

Miss Shadman’s Class - Friday 29th January - 11:00am

Miss Hegarty’s Class - Monday 1st February - 11:00am

Miss Dodds’ Class - Tuesday 2nd February - 10:30am


The children and staff have said that they really enjoy these sessions and that they would like them to continue.  Most people are used to the system now and do not have any issues logging into the meetings but if you do, please let us know.

Thank you.


Dear Parents and Carers.

Thank you ever so much for taking the time to answer the questionnaire about remote learning.  We thought we would share some of the responses with you as it has helped us understand what you are experiencing at home.

The majority of children and families are accessing the Google G Suite system.  We currently have over 94% of families regularly accessing the Google Classroom learning platform on a daily basis.  When the children have a Google Meet with their teachers, 98% of children are attending the meetings and are able to see their teachers and some of their classmates.  This is an amazing response and is so much better than the summer lockdown where this could not happen.

There is an overwhelming positivity towards the G Suite platform with most comments saying that parents and carers are happy with the work being provided.  Obviously we are always looking to improve what we offer and listen to what parents and carers are saying.  

Live lessons or teaching have been suggested as a possibility and as a result some of the children have had both recorded lessons and live lessons within the last week.  We cannot provide this on a daily basis as we currently have 43% of the children in school.  The DfE said today that the national average is around 20% for primary schools.  We are catering for double the national average at the moment.  The staff are working hard to be in school each day as well as be available online.  Unless the DfE provides us with a cloning device, we are operating at maximum capacity with the staff we have in school and have to be realistic about what is possible with five teachers.

You said that on the whole, children have enough work on a daily basis but that distractions at home can hinder their focus on school work.  This is a national issue and is not limited to this area.  However, based on what we are seeing here at Hertford Vale, you are doing an amazing job of keeping your children on task and up to date with the work set by their teachers.  Motivation to complete school work was also mentioned as a barrier to learning but the Google Meet sessions have helped with that at the same time and have given some children a focus again.

We will continue to listen to you and try to improve what we are providing.  It has been a steep learning curve for us all in terms of remote learning and one we are committed to developing.  This current lockdown has again derailed what we are trying to achieve in school but your support and understanding has really helped the staff to focus on the children.  

If you need us, we are always here and will get back to you as soon as possible.  We are all looking forward to having the children back in school again and hope this will be in the near future.

Take care,

The Hertford Vale team.


Dear Parents and Carers.

Here are the times and dates for the next Google Meets sessions for the children to see their teachers.


Mrs Boyes’ Class - Thursday 21st January - 10:00am

Mrs Kenyon’s Class - Thursday 21st January - 11:00am

Miss Shadman’s Class - Friday 22nd January - 11:00am

Miss Hegarty’s Class - Monday 25th January - 11:00am

Miss Dodds’ Class - Tuesday 26th January - 10:30am

The feedback from families is that these sessions have been useful and that they should continue.  A couple of parents have asked about live lessons being available during the week.  This is something we have considered but the teachers are in class during the day with the children in school, so we have used recordings instead where appropriate.  We will of course review this as we go along.

The questionnaire about home learning has now been closed and thank you to all the people who responded.  We will let you know what families have said once we have looked at the results.

We are here if you need to ask any questions and thank you to everyone who is communicating with us via the Google classroom, text and email.  

Kind regards,

The Hertford Vale team.


Dear Parents and Carers.

The teachers have scheduled some new Google Meet sessions for later this week and early next week.  

The dates and times are as follows :


Mrs Boyes’ Class - Thursday 14th January - 10:00am

Mrs Kenyon’s Class - Thursday 14th January - 11:00am

Miss Shadman’s Class - Friday 15th January - 11:00am

Miss Dodds’ Class - Monday 18th January - 10:30am

Miss Hegarty’s Class - Monday 18th January - 11:00am


As before, please make sure your computer is on mute.  This will help greatly when the teacher is talking and will allow the children to hear what is happening.

The feedback from the questionnaire we sent out yesterday has been extremely informative.  There have been lots of positive comments about the Google Meet system and despite some initial teething problems they were received well.

Thank you to those of you who have completed the questionnaire, we will leave it up for a few more days to allow you to have your say.  If you have not had a chance to look at the questionnaire yet, please have a look in your child’s classroom on G Suite as it will really help us to know what is happening at home.

As always, if you need us for anything, please get in touch as we are here to help.

Kind regards,


The Hertford Vale team.


Dear Parents and Carers.

Now that we are a few days into digital remote education, we wanted to ask your opinions on how things are going.  We have put a questionnaire in your child's Google classroom for you to complete.  All the results from the different classes will feed back into a set of whole school information for us to look at.

What you tell us will help to develop what we are able to provide for your children at home and will also help us to understand what is and is not working.  

The digital remote education is an ever changing picture as the government issues new demands and updates.  We need to know how we can adapt over the next few weeks to make things as seamless as possible for the families at home, whilst still providing lessons for the children in school.

Your opinion is important and we would appreciate you taking the time to complete the questionnaire. It can be accessed through the classroom in the Google G Suite and the login is as usual with your child’s email and password.

Thank you.


Good afternoon to you all.

We hope you had a good weekend. 

Over the last few days, all the children at home have had a chance to see their teachers online via Google Meet.  This has gone well and despite a few initial teething issues the sessions worked for most people.  We have created a new area on the school website to help with logging onto the learning platform if you are still experiencing issues.  There are also a couple of guides on how to use an X Box or Playstation to get into the classroom.

To look at the new information on the website, go to the ‘Parent Info’ tab and you will see the ‘Online Learning’ area under the ‘Newsletters’ option.

As always, we are here every day this week to talk if you need to get in touch with us. 

The Hertford Vale Team.


Dear Parents and Carers.

It has been wonderful to see so many of the children working via the Google G Suite this week.  Some of the children have seen their teachers today via the Google Meet app and again it was great that so many children logged on to see their teachers.  The other classes will be seeing their teachers early next week.

The children and some of the parents have been communicating through the online classrooms chat with questions and comments.  This is a very useful tool for both school and home and the feedback from parents is that it is working well.  The teachers will be calling some parents next week to see if there have been problems logging onto the system as some children have yet to access their daily work.

We understand how difficult it is to support children learning at home.  The staff in school also have children at home or in schools and are aware of the challenges faced by parents and carers to juggle work and home life.  It is not easy and we want to support you as much as possible.  

There is also the added complication of suitable technology.  The government made an announcement about laptops for schools in the summer term and again this week.  We had hoped that some of these would have come to Hertford Vale but as yet, we haven’t had a single device despite applying way back in the summer term.  

We will be sending a survey out soon to ask you what type of technology you are using to complete the home learning.  This will give us a better understanding of how the children at home are accessing the Google classroom and allow us to make adjustments over the next few weeks.

We have had some lovely comments from families about how things have gone this week both in and out of school.  There has been nearly 50 children in school this week which is quite a few more than the first lockdown in the summer.  There are no mixed age bubbles this time so that we can focus on the teaching rather than catering for all age groups in one room.  This has also allowed the teachers to be more focused in setting the home learning to run alongside the lessons in school. 

You have done an amazing job this week by helping your children access their work online and as we all get more used to this system, things can only get better.

Have a good weekend and again, thank you for all your hard work.

The Hertford Vale team.


We have recently sent a message out regarding the children who are working at home having an opportunity over the next few days to see their teacher.  This is an exciting addition to our online learning and one we have been looking forward to getting up and running.  This will be a great way for the children at home to see their teachers and to begin the regular contact via the Google Meet system.

As with all school technology use, there have to be rules to follow so that everyone accesses the experience in the same way.  We have attached the Google Meet Rules for everyone to follow so that all the children taking part can enjoy the meetings as much as possible.

Please read the rules through with your children so that they understand what is expected and then everyone can enjoy the meetings.

If you have any questions please get in touch and we will help as best we can.

Thank you,

The Hertford Vale team.


Dear Parents and Carers.

Tomorrow, the teachers will be starting to organise opportunities for the children to see their teachers online.  We will be using Google Meet through the Google classroom the children have been logging onto for their online learning.  These test sessions will last roughly 20 minutes on this occasion as we get used to the system and how it works with you at home.

The planned sessions are listed below :


Mrs Boyes - Friday 8th January at 10am

Miss Shadman - Friday 8th January at 11am

Miss Dodds - Monday 11th January at 10:30am

Miss Hegarty - Monday 11th January at 11am

Mrs Kenyon - Monday 11th January at 11am

Below is a guide on how to log into the Google Meet video system.

Thank you.


Dear Parents and Carers.

Thank you for bearing with us today whilst we have been organising the next few weeks. The teachers have been planning how they can teach the children in school as well as provide work for those children at home.  This is quite a task for a small school as being able to cater for two sets of children simultaneously requires two sets of staff and this is just not possible in our school. However, we have devised a system that we will run for the next few weeks and as the term progresses it will evolve to suit the needs of the children.

As you will know, we have the Google G Suite up and running.  This has worked well over the last term and the children are quite familiar with how it works in school.

Your child will need to log on each day at home so that they can access the work their teacher has set.  This will be in different formats and is accessible on any laptop, tablet or internet enabled device.  Younger children will need more assistance than the older pupils but we suggest that you become familiar with how the system works as we do not know how long this current situation will continue.  

The teachers will be putting information, work, links and resources on your child’s Google Classroom.  They will also make contact via the Google Meet video conferencing system and arrange a time each week for the children to meet their teacher and see other children from the class.  You will also be able to message the teachers via the G Suite, although they will be teaching during the day so may not respond immediately.

This situation is likely to evolve as the weeks pass and as the pandemic alters what happens both in and out of school.   As usual, the government made an announcement during the evening and expected things to be organised the next morning.  We have got most things in place and are ready to open to the children of key workers and to vulnerable learners tomorrow morning.

We have contacted all the parents of children who were in school last summer during the first lockdown as they were on the key worker list or were considered vulnerable.  If you think you are eligible for your child to come to school, please have a look at the key worker link below and get in contact with the school.

Key Worker List

We appreciate that this situation is far from perfect and that despite all your efforts since September, we find ourselves in another lockdown.  We will continue to send messages out to you all and if you need us for anything please get in touch.

The Hertford Vale team.


Dear Parents and Carers.

Following the government’s announcement of a national lockdown this evening, we will not be opening school as planned on Wednesday.

Tomorrow we will gather our thoughts and organise the next few weeks until half term.  We will be in touch later in the day with our initial plans and to let you know what remote learning will be provided for the children.  As before during the first lockdown, we will only be open to children of parents who are key workers or for vulnerable learners. 

This situation is far from ideal and is not what we had hoped for this term.  We wanted to remain open for all our families but again things beyond our control have come into play and altered what we can and cannot do. 

Please bear with us as we organise the coming weeks and we will share our plans with you once they have been finalised tomorrow.

Thank you for your support and we know that the whole school community will pull together as we did last year to get through the next few weeks.

Take care,

The Hertford Vale team.


Dear Parents and Carers.

Happy New Year to all of you.  We hope you have had an enjoyable Christmas break and a chance to relax with family over the last two weeks.  

As you may have seen in the news over the last few days, the opening of schools has been given quite a lot of press coverage.  Even today, things are developing as various organisations are calling for different things to happen over the next couple of weeks.

We are still planning on opening on Wednesday 6th January.  Unless the government or North Yorkshire County Council send some information out saying otherwise, we will see you all on Wednesday when the gates open at 8:45am.  

We are looking forward to seeing the children again and have a busy term planned for the weeks ahead.

See you next week,

The Hertford Vale team.


The children have recorded some Christmas songs over the last week or so. They have been put together in a short collection which you will be able watch on the Google Classroom learning platform. All you will have to do is log in using your child’s school email address and password to follow the link.

The teachers will be putting the link into their own classroom spaces on the G Suite Platform over the next couple of days, so keep an eye out for when the link appears.

Thank you.



Today we are saying farewell to a valued member of staff who retires this week.  Mrs Ruth Armstrong has worked at the school since it was constructed in 1989.  Over the 30 years Mrs Armstrong has worked at Hertford Vale, she has enriched the lives of hundreds of children.  

Teaching children the basics of maths and English is only part of how Mrs Armstrong has helped the youngsters in Staxton and surrounding villages gain essential skills for life.  She has taken groups of children on residential trips all over the country, as well as abroad to France.  Mrs Armstrong is also a keen baker and has passed her skills onto the children by helping them bake all sorts of treats in the school kitchen over the years.  Her knowledge and understanding of what children need and how they learn is second to none and are valued greatly by all of us here.

Her calm, kind and loving nature will be missed by the children, families and staff at Hertford Vale and we wish her all the best for her retirement.


Dear Parents and Carers.

When we return to school on Wednesday January 6th, we will still be keeping the one way system for dropping off and picking the children up.  This has worked well since September and your feedback told us that it is that it is something you would like to see continue.

The timings at the beginning and end of the day will alter slightly after the holiday.  

The gates will open in the morning at 8:45am and close at 9:00am.

At the end of the day, the gates will open at 3:05pm and close at 3:20pm.  

We will review this as we go through the term and make changes if necessary.  

Thank you.




Mrs Kenyon's class are having their Christmas party tomorrow on Tuesday 15th December. The children can come to school in casual clothes for the day rather than changing in school. There is no need to send any food in in as school is providing everything.
Miss Hegarty's class is having a party on Wednesday 16th December. Again, the children can wear casual clothes on the day and we will provide the food.
Miss Dodds' and Miss Shadman's classes are also having their parties on Wednesday 16th December and are following the same arrangements as the other classes.
Mrs Boyes class will be having their own smaller event in their Year 5/6 bubble later in the week and details will follow soon.
Thank you.


Christmas Dinner 2020

Here are a few photographs of the children in Key Stage 1, Years 3, 4 and 5 having their Christmas dinner.  They all enjoyed the festive atmosphere with their Christmas jumpers and songs on the stereo.


Tomorrow is our Christmas jumper day. The children can wear their own clothes for the day and if they have a Christmas jumper they can wear this too.
It is also the Christmas Dinner day in school. The menu is turkey, sausage, roast potatoes, peas, carrots, stuffing and gravy. The pudding is a Christmas tree ice cream.
The meal is free of charge to all children this year. The two youngest classes in Key Stage 1 get a free meal as part of the universal free school meal system but we also wanted to offer the meal to all of Key Stage 2 this year.
If you do not want your child to have the Christmas dinner please let us know, otherwise we will provide them with a meal tomorrow.
Thank you.


This morning the children welcomed Reverend Tim Parker into school for a Christingle service.  Normally we would walk all the children down to St Peter’s Church in Willerby, but this year we held the service in school.

Due to the fact that we cannot worship together as a whole school, Reverend Tim conducted three separate services for the three bubbles we have in school.  

All the children made a Christingle orange for their service and these were lit during the worship.  We have attached a few photographs from his morning.

Thank you.


Dear Parents and Carers.

There was an announcement yesterday afternoon from the DfE about schools potentially closing a day early for the Christmas break.  This is not compulsory and currently we have no plans to close on the 17th December.  We will continue with our original dates by closing on Friday 18th December at the usual time.  

This is so that our families do not have to make alternative arrangements for one day and we also feel that it is important the children gain their full entitlement to being in school.  

Thank you.


Mrs Boyes wanted to share some book ideas with you all.  These might be useful if you are thinking of buying a book for your child for Christmas and need some inspiration.  The posters are divided into four categories depending on age and might help you find something suitable.

Thank you.


Dear Parents and carers,

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated old blankets and towels alongside food for the Pickering Hedgehog Rescue centre.

I dropped off all the donations on Saturday morning and the lady who runs the centre was delighted with our efforts. I was allowed into the centre to have a look at the hedgehogs and was able to take a photo to show the children back in school. The baby boy hedgehog in the photo is called Twiggy and is too small to hibernate, so the staff will keep him awake during winter and feed him every day.

I have handed out some of the leaflets from the centre to the children on how to care for the hedgehogs should you find one out in the daytime. 

Thank you again,

Mrs Kenyon


Dear Parents and Carers.

Friday 11th December is our Christmas Dinner Day and our Christmas Jumper Day.

We will be providing a Christmas dinner free of charge to every child in the school. There will be no cost to anyone this year as we wanted to say a big thank you to you all for working with us through this unusual period of time. If you do not want your child to have a Christmas dinner on the 11th December, please let us know. If we do not hear from you we will assume your child is having the dinner and will provide them with one.

On the same day, the children can wear a Christmas jumper if they have one. There is no need to buy a jumper especially for the day and you can even decorate an existing piece of clothing if you are feeling creative. If your child does not want to wear a festive jumper, they can wear their own clothes on the day.

We will send the Christmas Dinner menu out early next week.

Thank you,


Dear Parents and Carers.

This is a quick message to ask that families leave the school grounds via the tops steps in a timely manner. We have had a few children playing on the grass banking and climbing over the fence on the way out of school, which is not safe. Could we request that the children do not climb on the grass banking and that they use the steps rather than climbing over the fence?

Thank you.


Dear all.

As another school week comes to a close we wanted to pass on our thanks to you all for another productive week. The children have again enjoyed a busy time in the classroom working on their topics.

The KS1 children have been practising their Christmas songs and some of you have spotted the nativity display through the hall windows. There’ll be more to follow on this next week….

We’ve been thinking about Christmas cards and what is best this year. Some children and parents have asked if they are allowed to give cards to each other. After looking into this, we have decided that each class will have a box so that the children can put their cards in on a Monday, the cards will then be given out on Friday. We will do this for the next two weeks to give the children a chance to pass on a Christmas card to their friends in their own bubble. We won’t be able to send cards around the whole school this year, but this way they get to send cards to some of their friends if they would like. There is no obligation to do this if you do not want to.

We also wanted to pass on our thanks to you for the children’s attendance. The national average for primary schools in England is currently at 87%. Hertford Vale’s attendance is 97% as of this week, which is amazing. This is all down to you supporting your children in getting to school and for making the effort each day. Thank you ever so much.

We hope you have a good weekend and we will see you all next week.

Stay safe,

The Hertford Vale team.


Below is a letter from the Friends of Hertford Vale about the Christmas Raffle.  Thank you.


Below is a letter about the flu immunisation team coming back into school.  If you missed that last round of vaccinations, there is a second chance for you to access the service.

Thank you.



Good morning to you all.

We hope you had a pleasant weekend and that despite all the restrictions you managed to get out for some fresh air.

At the moment, we are reviewing our procedures for the beginning and end of the school day.  Most people seem happy with how things are going and have found their own routine for dropping off and collecting their children.

We have had some information from North Yorkshire County Council over the weekend which is below this message.  It is also on the school website under the ‘Parent Info’ tab.  The only change to how things need to be done is the advice from NYCC on parents and carers wearing face coverings on the school site.  

The recommendation from NYCC is that anyone coming onto the school grounds to drop off or collect their children should wear a face covering.  If people are medically exempt then they do not need to wear a covering. 

In order to help with reducing the spread of the virus we are asking that anyone entering the school site wears a face covering from now on.  We will remind people at the gate and if you are exempt from wearing a mask 

let us know.

Please read the information from NYCC and if you have any further questions get in touch.

Thank you.


Below is a letter for the parents and carers in Mrs Kenyon's class.  If any other families would like to donate to the rescue centre, Mrs Kenyon will happily accept donations to take with her to the centre at the end of the month.

Thank you.


Here is the ParentPay link for the Children in Need donation page.


Thank you.


Dear Parents and Carers.


This Friday is Children in Need Day.  To help raise money for the charity we are letting the children come to school in spotty or colourful clothing for the day.  A voluntary contribution of £1 per child would be most welcome if possible.  


The children do not need to buy anything special for the day and as long as they are in something colourful this will be fine.  If they really do not want to wear their own clothes, they can still wear the school uniform.


Thank you,


The Hertford Vale team.


Below are the Curriculum Topic Sheets for this half term. They will give you an idea of what the children are studying in each class.

They are in PDF format in class order from the youngest to the oldest children. 

If you would like a paper copy, please contact the school office.

Thank you.


Some parents and carers have reported that when trying to log onto the Google G Suite with their children, they are being asked for a class code. This is only happening for a few people but is still an issue for some.

Below are the class codes for each class.

Mrs Kenyon’s Class Code - solgxv5

Miss Hegarty’s Class Code - paqzg4y

Miss Dodds’ Class Code - 6p4mopz

Miss Shadman’s Class Code - rd1437z

Mrs Boyes’ Class Code - clqklnk

If you still have issues accessing the G Suite learning platform, please let us know and we will do what we can to help.

Thank you.


Good afternoon to you all.

Having just about made it to half term, we would like to say a huge thank you to the whole school community for everything you have done over the last seven weeks.  Your support has allowed us to settle the children into school and to provide them with a calm and purposeful environment.  They have done so well and we are very proud of them all.

We do not know what the next half term will bring but as always we will put the children’s welfare first and do our best to help them move on in their learning.  

We hope you have a good half term break and that you will be able to spend some quality time with each other.

See you on Monday 2nd November.

Kind regards,

The Hertford Vale team.

21 10.2020


Childhood Flu Programme

The Childhood Immunisation team came into school yesterday to administer the nasal spray flu vaccine. Whilst there was a good response from families, we have been asked by the team to direct parents who did not respond towards the NHS flu vaccination website.

This is in case parents/carers missed the initial information and would like to book their children onto one of the catch up flu clinics.

These are taking place in Scarborough on the 4th November 2020 and the 12th December 2020 at the Everyone Active sports village.

Further information can be found here :

Alternatively you can call 01423 542360 for more information or to book an appointment.

Thank you.


Hello to everyone.

We are now heading into the last two weeks of this half term.  The children and staff have adapted extremely well to how things are at the moment and they have settled back into being in school.

The drop off and collection system is still working well and people have asked if it will remain in place after half term.  Unless something changes and we are instructed by NYCC or the DfE  to alter what we’re doing, the one way system will be the same after the break.  On this note, could we ask that parents do not stop to chat on the playground after collecting their children.  This is to help us keep in line with the government’s guidance and to keep everyone as safe as possible.  We understand that catching up with people is a large part in the life of a school community but at the moment we would appreciate your help in leaving the school grounds as soon as possible.

We are pleased with how you are communicating with us on a daily basis about attendance, what to do if your child has a cold and asking for advice.  We are always happy to listen and will work with all our families to ensure that children are in school unless there is a valid reason to stay at home. Being in school with their friends and the staff is something we feel is important for the children, not only for their education but also for their wellbeing.  We are seeing very positive effects of the children being at school in terms of how they interact with each other and the adults around them.

We will see you after the weekend and if there is anything you would like to know, please get in touch.

Kind regards,

The Hertford Vale team.




Just a quick message to wish you a good weekend and to thank you for all your support over the last week.

We have got most of the parent/carer phone call slips back in today but if you need another, please let us know.  The teachers will be sending your appointment times out over the next few days and arranging other times for those who are not available on the set dates.  If there are any families who need two phone calls to different parents, again please get in touch.

See you all next week.

The Hertford Vale Team.


Dear Parents and Carers.

We have just about completed our third week back in school following the summer break.  The children have worked very well and have been showing us where they are in their learning.   The general picture across the school is that there is definitely work to do in terms of revisiting prior learning in order to be able to move the children forward.  Having said that, the children have also demonstrated to us that they are keen to learn and take on the challenge of the school year ahead.  This is an extremely positive mindset and one we intend to build on over the following weeks.

We still have four weeks left of this half term and usually we open our doors for the traditional parent/carer evenings before the break.  This year we will be conducting the discussions over the phone as it is still not possible to welcome parents into the building.  We will be sending more  information out next week about how and when this will happen so that we can organise the calls before the half term holiday.

Despite not being able to see you when we host events such as the Macmillan coffee morning and parent/carer meetings as we have done in the past, we still value your opinions and questions.  If there is anything you would like us to know, or any questions you wish to ask please get in contact with the school office. We want to support all our families as best we can. At the moment the opportunities do not present themselves as easily when there is not the interaction of a conversation in person but we are here to listen, albeit over the phone or email.

We hope you have a good weekend and that you manage to spend some time together.

See you next week,

Andrew Barber and the Hertford Vale team.


The Department for Education has asked for the following information to be sent out to all parent and carers. It has also been shared on the school app.


Below is a letter about this year's Macmillan charity fundraising event.


Good morning.

We hope you had a nice weekend and managed to spend some quality time together.

Over the weekend, NYCC sent out a new flowchart for parents to follow.  They have asked that this reference chart be sent out to all parents and carers as it may help answer some questions that they have received as a council over the last couple of weeks.

As with all advice and guidance, this might be revised within the week, but for now this is North Yorkshire’s latest information for you to look at.


As the weekend approaches and the children have completed nearly two weeks in school, we thought a brief summary might be useful.

When visiting the classes around the school, it is good to see the children settled and focusing on their work.  Many parents and carers have reported that they are receiving tired children at the end of the day, but for the most part they are happy.  As always when dealing with over 120 children, there will be the occasional disagreement but on the whole they have been very well behaved and helpful towards one another.

The drop off and pick up times have now settled into some sort of rhythm as parents and carers have found what time works best for them.  We will continue with this system for the foreseeable future as the feedback is that it works well and that people feel they have enough space and time to collect their children safely.

There have been a few questions on the gate about the possibility of a local lockdown and what would happen in school.  At the moment, we understand that even if additional restrictions are put in place in the Scarborough area, the school would remain open as it is now.  If we hear of any changes from the government as to how we need to run the school, we will let you know as soon as possible.  Until then, it will be business as usual.

We hope you have a good weekend and look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Kind regards,

The Hertford Vale Team.


To the parents and carers of the Year 6 children.

North Yorkshire County Council asked us to distribute this letter to all the parents and carers of the Year 6 children.  if you have any questions about the content of the letter, please get in contact with the school office.


Hello to you all.

Just a quick message to say a big thank you to all the parents and carers for this morning.  The drop off system worked extremely well and this is all down to you and your respect for each other.  

The children have so far enjoyed settling into their new classes, getting to know the new systems and most of all, seeing each other again.  The social aspect of education is such an important part of coming to school and we have already seen the beneficial effects of this today.

When you come to collect your children this afternoon from 3:00pm to 3:20pm, please come in the same way as this morning.  When you arrive at school, we will radio ahead to let the teachers know you are on your way so that you do not have to wait too long on the playground.  If you exit the playground via the top steps as you did this morning we should hopefully be able to finish the day on a positive note.  We will be sanitising the children’s hands on their way out.

We are also very pleased that 98% of our children are in school today.  This is very encouraging as it tells us that we have answered most of your questions about the start to the new term.  As always, if there are any other questions please talk to us and we will do our best to work with you.

See you tomorrow,

The Hertford Vale Team.


Below is guidance on what to do if you or someone at school becomes ill. This flowchart sets out the procedure you need to follow if your child has symptoms of Covid-19. In all cases where a positive case has been confirmed, we will work with Public Health England and follow their advice. If you are unsure about what to do, contact the school and we will guide you to the appropriate information from the NHS or Public Health England.
Thank you.





The end of term has come around and it is definitely the strangest we have ever experienced at Hertford Vale. The usual key summer events have not happened and it does not feel the same without all the children and families in school.

However, we are looking forward to the autumn term and are working to make sure that when we open the doors to all the children on 8th September we can start on a positive note.  There will be differences in how we are able to gather together, organise the school days and what activities we can do, but we still aim to make the school as welcoming and caring as possible for the children.

We have missed the families we have not seen over this term and have appreciated your support through this difficult time. Encouragingly, what has remained the same is the school community in terms of positive values and supportive messages from families.  The feeling that everyone has worked together through a collective understanding of what is happening on a national and international level has been wonderful to see and we are positive this will help us all through the next term.

In September we will endeavour to re-establish friendships, working relationships and support the children in getting used to being in school again so that the Hertford Vale community continues to flourish.

Until then, have a good summer break and take care.

The Hertford Vale Team.


As most of you will be aware, Ms Wiles is leaving Hertford Vale this week.  We cannot say goodbye in the usual manner in an assembly and likewise, Ms Wiles cannot say goodbye to everyone in the way she would like.  Instead, she has written a letter that she would like to share with all the parents and children.  

We are very sad to see Ms Wiles go and have many happy memories of her time here at Hertford Vale.  Her enthusiasm and dedication to the children has been unwavering over the last four years and she will be missed by us all.  We wish her all the best for the future and hope that she will be back to see us again. 



Dear Parents and Carers.

We hope you are keeping well.

As you will be aware, the government recently announced the return of all children to school in September.  This is wonderful news and we are very pleased that we will hopefully be able to welcome all the children back into Hertford Vale.

To accompany the announcement, the DfE issued a document with guidelines as to how the return to school might work.  This guidance is applicable to all schools in the country and covers large city centre schools as well as small village schools.  Every educational establishment is working through the guidance to understand what will work in their setting.  

We are currently looking at how we can open up to all children so that when they start on September 8th, the school will be as familiar as possible to the children.  There will certainly be differences in terms of the start and end of the day, playtimes, lunch times and gatherings such as assemblies and collective worship.  However, we are working to make the rest of the week as normal as possible once the children are in school

We will give you our initial plans when North Yorkshire County Council have issued a draft risk assessment and we have had a chance to tailor it to our setting. 

We want to reassure you that we intend to open up to all the children in all year groups for five days a week in September.  We will do everything possible to make this happen and will inform you of any plans, changes or updates as soon as possible. 

Kind regards,

The Hertford Vale Team.


The order sheet for school uniforms is attached to this message. It is also on the school website under the ‘Parent Info’ tab as a PDF or Word download.  There are also some paper versions in the school foyer should you wish to collect one.

If you could let us know by Tuesday 11th July which items you require, we will put the order in on your behalf.  If the orders come in after that we will place a second order.

If you download the Word version it can be emailed directly to school via the address.  If you wish to post it to school this can also be done by using the address on the website.  You can also drop the order form in at the office.

Thank you.



Dear Friends,
All at St. Peter's Church send their good wishes and prayers at this time of difficulty and challenge. If you would appreciate a conversation about any particular issues you are facing please do get in touch with me. My telephone number is 01723 448351 and email:
Though the church doors are still locked the church is very much alive and we continue to pray for you. St. Peter's is part of the Hertford Benefice of 5 churches and regular pre-recorded Sunday worship happens online whilst live-streaming happens most weekdays. If you are interested here are the links for these:
Every blessing,
Rev. Tim Parker - School Governor & Vicar of St. Peter's






Dear Parents and Carers.

Just a quick update about the wider opening of schools nationally and how it affects us here at Hertford Vale.

We are now in our third day of running the new system with separate entrances, classrooms and start times.
So far this has worked well and the children and staff have been amazing in adapting to these changes. Staff are extremely committed to do what they can to support the children in these unusual times.

You may have seen pictures on the news of how schools look at the moment with children spaced out at their own tables and with access to limited resources. We too are adhering to these changes which makes the daily experience for the children very different from before we entered lockdown. The children are adjusting well and have been a true credit to you all.

We are regularly looking at the provision in school as the numbers of Key Worker children are growing daily. We have discussed the current guidelines and our maximum capacity with NYCC and have agreed that the system will remain as it is for now. The school building prevents us from having the Year 1, Year 6 and Reception in as well as the key worker children for now. When the scientific advice changes and the distancing guidelines allow more children to be in a classroom we will again look at the risk assessment and welcome more children back into school if it is safe to do so.

We want to reiterate that we really want the children back in school, and we want things to return to how they were before lockdown. We appreciate all you are doing to support your children and know that the efforts you are going to are benefiting them all. Please contact us with any questions and we will endeavour to help.

Take care,

The Hertford Vale Team.




Here is an update about the possible reopening of schools on June 1st.


The Diocese of York has put together a list of websites that families might find useful at the moment.  There are links to sites that give advice in challenging times or ideas on how to worship at home.  The link below takes you to their home page which has other resources for young people and families.


The children in school created a display to celebrate VE Day last week and they wanted to know if anyone would see it.  We are sharing it with you as they put a lot of effort into their work and thought you might like to see what they have done.

Thank you.



Harry Sheader, who runs our gymnastics lessons in school, has sent a letter to you all.  He is hosting a free online sports session on the 17th May and if you are interested, details on how to join are below.

Thank you.


Thank you for all of the amazing story writing entries. We really enjoyed reading them all. It was incredibly hard to choose the winners as each story was so imaginative, however, the winners are:

Mr Palmer’s class – Freya
Miss Dodd’s class – Connie
Mrs Boyes’ class – Hollie
Ms Wiles’ class – Arthur
Mrs Kenyon’s class – Oliver

We will display the children’s work in school for others to look at when we return. Each child has received an Amazon voucher as a prize.

Thank you again

Mrs Boyes


Dear Parents and Carers.

We hope you had a good weekend.  

Following the Prime Ministers speech last night there are a few questions that you probably would like answering.  As usual, an announcement has been made to the nation with the clarification on what this means following on a few days after the initial news.

Currently, we do not have any guidance from the government on what the gradual reopening of schools will look like and have been advised by North Yorkshire County Council to continue as we have been until further notice.  Once NYCC has processed the guidance from the government, they will in turn contact us with how this might look in our school.

Please be assured though, our first priority in all of this will be to keep the children, adults and the community safe.  We will not make any rash decisions and will carefully consider what is safe, practical and manageable in our school.  This is not something that will happen overnight and as the Prime Minister said in his speech, the return of some children to school in June is an ambition, not a certainty.

We would love to see the children back in school and for things to return to normal as soon as possible.  However, it is looking like it will be a long term project to return to a fully open school.  We will follow the guidance carefully and with common sense as it becomes clearer to ensure that everyone in the Hertford Vale community is protected.

We will wait to see what the DfE and NYCC have to say over the next few days and will communicate any relevant information as soon as we can.  Thank you for your understanding and for working so hard to keep the children safe.

Kind regards,

The Hertford Vale Team.


Hello to you all.

Seeing as tomorrow is the Bank Holiday, we thought the messages and grids from the staff would be better sent out today. 

The feedback on the home learning grids from parents, carers and children is very positive.  You have said the additional guidance is helping and we will continue to listen to you and adapt them if necessary.

A lot of you have been sending some wonderful work and photographs in for the staff to see. We have a tray for each teacher in school and they are looking through the things you send in during the week.  It is amazing to look through what you have been working on and how creative both the children and the parents have been.  We will put a collection of the photographs together next week for people to see.  If you would prefer us to not put them on the app or website, just let us know.

We hope you manage to enjoy some of the VE celebrations tomorrow.  The village of Staxton looks amazing at the moment with all the VE Day decorations and it makes the drive to work very colourful.  The children in school have been working on a display that will be finished next week.  When they have completed it, we will send a photograph out on the app and website. 

Have a good weekend and we will be in touch next week.

Best wishes,

The Hertford Vale Team.


Hello to you all.

As some of you will have noticed, the CPG workbooks have been distributed by hand to 90% of the families in the school community. Those that have not yet arrived were posted today and will be with you shortly. A big thank you to everyone who helped get the books out to our families as we couldn't have done it without you.

The home learning grids and messages from the teachers for next week are now on the school website. We have had a slight technical issue with Mr Palmer's message and grid but hope to have this ready for Monday.

The messages and grids can be found under the Resources tab on the website where you will find a page for each teacher. Last week's grids are still available for you to use if you have not yet finished working through everything on there.

We hope you have a good weekend and we will be in touch next week.

Best wishes,

The Hertford Vale Team


Good morning to you all.

As you know, the teachers sent out a letter and a home learning grid last week on the 24th to accompany the other resources available.  These will be sent out each week from now on.  A couple of parents have asked where the home learning grids and letters from the teachers are. 

If you look on the school website there is a ‘Resources’ tab.  This brings down a list of other pages and there is one for each class with the teacher’s name on.  If you click on the teacher for your child, there is the letter and the grid from last week.

There is also a page for EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 that has some work books and activities we put on the website a few weeks ago.  These are still being used by some families

The other work books we ordered have finally arrived in school and we are organising them into year groups and family groups ready to be sent out.  These will be with you soon and are another resource for you to use as part of your daily routine.  We have had positive feedback about the BBC lessons and some people are using the Oak National Academy lessons as well.  

People have asked us about how much time they should be spending on school work during this uncertain time.  We have given advice on a case by case basis to the people we have spoken to as each family is different.  With social media playing a large part in how people are communicating it is important that families do not compare themselves to what others are doing.  What is important is that you keep your family happy and healthy.  Any other support you can give is going to have a positive impact.  Some parents have time to devote to a structured daily routine, some are juggling working full time whilst looking after the children and shopping for others.  You have to do what works for your family and be confident that it is the right thing.

We are here if you need to contact us and will do our best to help you in any way we can.  We do miss you all and look forward to when things can return to some sort of normality.

Take care,

From the Hertford Vale team.


Dear Parents/Carers.

Hello from the staff at Hertford Vale and we hope you have had a productive few days. People have been telling us how their week has been with regards to the BBC resources and that the general consensus is that they are easy to use and that the children are enjoying them.

There are also many other websites, podcasts and YouTube channels that people are using so it is wonderful to hear about how you are structuring your week. The teaching staff have also used the BBC resources in school with the children we have had in this week.

The teachers have written the children in their class a letter that is on the school website. They are under the ‘Resources’ tab where each teacher has a folder with their name on. There are also some activity grids in these folders for you to look at from each teacher that can be used alongside the BBC resources next week.
We will add new grids on a regular basis so that you can see how you might structure your week and to give you some additional ideas.

We hope you and the children enjoy reading the letters and that you find the grids useful.

Enjoy your weekend and we will be in touch next week.


We hope this message finds you well today.

We wanted to share some information that has just come out today about supporting your children to read at home and how to structure the day. Some parents/carers have said they have established a routine and that this really helps. Some have said they would appreciate some ideas on how to plan their days so this information might be useful.

We did send out an example planner on the 1st of this month which has been of use to some families and this latest information might also give you some ideas of what can be done at home.

We are also looking at how the BBC resources can be used to best effect and how families can get the most out of them during the week. If you are using the Oak National Academy resources, we would be interested to know which of the two you find most useful for your children.

Have a good day.


A couple of parents have asked for a quick reminder about where to find the work we put on the website at the beginning of the month.  If you look under the ‘Resources’ tab on the website there are workbooks for all the children from Reception through to Year 6.  These were put on the website a few weeks ago and are available as a download if you would like them as a hard copy.

Also, on the 23rd March we sent out a list of websites that are still relevant and people that have used them say that they have been quite useful. 

If you have managed to use the workbooks and resources from the website and now feel that you are ready for something else, the information sent out earlier on the app and website about the BBC and Oak National Academy resources will be the next logical step.  These are supposed to come into line with each other in week three and will work together to give you the resources and information you need to help your children at home. 

The link below to the BBC website has some very useful information about how much home-learning should children be doing.  It has sensible advice and is very clear about the need for a routine rather than being overly concerned with progression in English or maths.

We understand that printing hundreds of sheets is impractical for most families, so again feel free to use your judgement on what will and won’t work for your family setting.  Some things can be recreated quickly by drawing them out, some can be done by keeping them on the screen and some can simply be left out.  Whatever you do is going to benefit your child and help them with their home learning. You are making a difference and it needs to be recognised that this is not easy for any families at the moment. 


Here is the latest update from school.  It is also on the school app.


Here is a collage of the Y6 children who went to East Barnby last month. They are wet, muddy and cold but look very happy!


Dear Parents/Carers.

We hope you managed to have a good Easter. Families and friends are staying in touch with Zoom, WhatsApp Facebook etc and are able to see each other despite not being able to be in the same place as each other. It is a strange time for all of us and we would love to be seeing the children in school next week for the beginning of the summer term.

However, as this is not yet possible, we wanted to show you some of the Easter crafts the children have been emailing to school. There are some very creatively decorated eggs, cakes and even book marks in the pictures and we have really enjoyed seeing them, so thank you for those.

Some of you have also sent in a story which will be passed onto your teachers next week for them to read. There are a wide range of themes and you have certainly been using your imaginations to create them.

As we enter the beginning of the summer term, we are looking at different providers for home schooling. We have mentioned it before, but nobody expects parents and carers to recreate a classroom in the home. Likewise, the children who are in school are not receiving a formal education either as this is just not possible with the systems in place at the moment. The teaching team are looking at what is out there and will be in touch after the 20th of April to let you know what is available.

Enjoy looking at the photos of the Easter crafts, have a good weekend and we will be in touch next week.



Below is a letter to parents from NYCC.


Here is the latest information for parents/carers from the DfE.



Below is an example of a home schooling routine.  It is only one example and is by no means a definitive list of what to do.  it is however, a guide as to how a day might be spent with your child.  It needs to be adapted to suit your family and their individual requirements and obviously younger children would have a different end to the day.    



Mrs Boyes would like all the children to have a go at writing a short story to link in with International Children's Book Day on the 2nd April.  It can be about anything you like and as imaginative as you want.  You can email them to school, post them to school or even take a screen shot and email that.  The teachers will read them all and one person from each class will receive a prize.  Good luck and enjoy writing!


The Friends of Hertford Vale School have asked us to send you this letter. Thank you.


Below is the update sent out to parents/carers on 31st March 2020.


Hello to you all.

We thought a message was in order seeing as it’s been a couple of days since the last update. 

We haven’t had any new advice or news from the DfE other than the information sent out on the 24th, which we passed onto you.  We have attached the latest poster from Public Health England on how to stop the spread of the virus in school and thought it might be useful for you to look at.

At the moment, the staff are in school on a rota basis due to the drastically reduced numbers.  They are in good health and are missing the children.  An empty school is a strange place indeed.

We have been carrying out extra cleaning duties as you would expect and all areas are being disinfected when they have been used so that the staff in school the following day are entering a safe working environment.

We have no idea how long this situation will continue and like a lot of you, we are looking forward to when life returns to something considered more normal.  However, in order to keep everyone safe we will carefully follow instructions from the DfE, Public Health England and NYCC.  If there is anything we need to pass onto you all we will do so straight away.

As you may be aware, the phone lines are not working in the village at the moment so if you need to get in touch please use the school email address or the text service.

Thank you,

Andrew Barber.


Hello to you all.

The DfE has just sent out an update.  The arrangements for schools have not changed and we have been instructed to carry on for the rest of the week as we have yesterday and today.

NYCC has been in touch to tell us the same and that they are closely monitoring the number of children and staff in each school.  We are in daily contact with NYCC and will pass any relevant information onto you as it comes through.

If you are contacted by anyone other than us about free school meals, please ignore it.  We have been informed that there is a scam circulating asking for bank details.  Please do not give any of your personal details out to anyone.

School is very quiet and we are missing the daily buzz of children, parents and staff.  However, keeping safe is the main priority and following the Prime Minister’s speech yesterday, the message is very clear in terms of staying at home.

If there is any news from the government or NYCC over the evening or tomorrow, we will be in touch.  Until then, take care and look after each other.


We wanted to say a huge thank you to all the parents and carers in our school community. The response from people has been extremely sensible and as a result the numbers of children due to come in this week are very low. Your thoughtfulness towards others will inevitably help keep the spread of the virus to a minimum in our community. We will keep you up to date of any further news from the DfE.

Take care and stay safe.

Thank you.


Here is a list of websites and apps that you can access from home. It is an initial set of resources that are available at the moment. Things will change as the situation progresses and we will be in touch, Thank you.


Just a quick update on the school closure from tomorrow - 23.3.2020.

The attached information is from North Yorkshire County Council. It states that sending children into school next week is a last resort and that they should be kept at home if at all possible. Please think very carefully before bringing your child in tomorrow.

Thank you.


Dear Parents/Carers.

We are currently preparing a list of resources for you to access at home whilst the school is partially closed.

This list will consist of mainly free resources that you can share with your children.  It will not be a definitive list and there will be many other resources you will see online and hear about but it will give you varied activities to have a go at.

We will send this list out as soon as possible in time for Monday for those children who will not be in school.

Thank you.


Dear Parents/Carers.

We have been asked by North Yorkshire County Council to remind parents/carers that the GOV.UK website says :

‘…….. the government has asked parents to keep their children at home, wherever possible, and asked schools to remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend’

North Yorkshire County Council has also issued some advice and says :

'It is vital to understand that we MUST keep the numbers of children school to a minimum so we minimise the risk of Coronavirus spreading back to loved ones at home. We must remember that the children in school are to be the most vulnerable and possibly the most at risk- being children of the frontline workers. The more children, the more risk to the teachers and their families too and therefore to the community at large. Therefore, we are sure you understand, we are putting strict checks in place to keep pupils to an ABSOLUTE minimum.’

Thank you for letting us know if you are on the key worker list and intend to bring your children in on Monday morning.  If you have not informed us of your intentions, we are assuming that your children will not be in on Monday morning. 

Please do not bring your children in on Monday without having informed us first as the provision will not be in place.

We are working with parents/carers on an individual basis and want to be as clear as possible about what we can and cannot do during this difficult time.

We will follow government advice carefully to ensure that all members of our school community are protected as much as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and for following the information the government has issued to you as parents/carers.


Dear Parents/Carers,

Following the release of the governments Key Worker list last night, we are now better placed to move forward with our plans for next week.

North Yorkshire County Council have asked us for a list of parents who fall into one or more of the key workers categories. 

The advice from NYCC is still

  • If it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be.
  • If a child needs specialist support, is vulnerable or has a parent who is a critical worker, then educational provision will be available for them. But, there is no requirement for parents to take up the offer of a school place


We now need you to tell us if you think you are classed as a key worker.  We also need to know if you will be accessing the provision in school as some key workers have already told us that they will not be sending their children in.   Information from central government has yet to be released as to whether one or both parents/carers need to be on the list to be able to access the provision in school.

We are aware of most families and their individual needs but you might feel that you are eligible after reading the list. We will need to know what your current employment is and at some point we may need proof of this for our records.

If you could please let Mrs Blogg know this information by 1pm via the school email on then we can make arrangements for Monday. You can also text the school on 07786 207779 with the same information.

As usual the information that school needs from the DfE is not totally clear so we will be in touch should things change during the day.

The main thing we need from you at the moment is to know if you think you are on the key worker list and if you will be sending your children into school next week.

Thank you.


Dear Parents/Carers.

As we said yesterday, we are waiting for the Cabinet Office to inform the DfE about which parents will be on the ‘Key Worker’ list.  Until this list has been released, North Yorkshire County Council cannot make any final plans for the next few weeks.  Like you, we are waiting for clarification from central government on what yesterday’s announcement means and how it will affect the children and school community.

However, school will be open as usual tomorrow.   If your child is exhibiting any of the symptoms of the Covid 19 virus, please follow the guidance we sent out yesterday. 

When the DfE informs NYCC of the ‘Key Worker’ list, they will then in turn give us some further guidance and we hope this will be during the working day tomorrow.  As we have said before, we will pass any news onto you as soon as we have it ourselves.

Below is the latest information from the DfE that came out this afternoon.

Thank you.


Dear Parents and Carers.

We thought it best to send an update following the government’s news briefing this afternoon.  Both the Prime Minister and Education Secretary have announced school closures from this Friday.  Since then we have received communication from the local authority advising us that they will be meeting tomorrow to discuss the Prime Minister’s briefing. 

The implications of what was announced needs to be worked through over the next two days and North Yorkshire County Council have asked us to be available to provide essential information.  This will allow them to create a plan which we will then pass onto you.  We will use the usual means of communication, the school website, school app and the text service to communicate new information.

We understand that you will want to know what is happening but in order for the local authority and school to be able to plan ahead we would appreciate essential calls to the office only.  Every member of staff will need to focus on the children, planning ahead and your support in this will be greatly appreciated.

As soon as we know anything, we will pass this information onto you.  We have done our best to get information out to you all as soon as possible over the last few weeks and will continue to do so.

School is open as normal tomorrow and we greatly value your cooperation in working to provide a safe and calm atmosphere for the children.

Thank you.


Here is the latest information from the DfE.  Please take time to read through the information. Thank you.


You may be aware that the Welsh and Scottish governments have announced that their schools will be closed by Friday of this week. As yet, our government has not made an announcement in terms of what their plans are for schools in England.

The Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has said he will make a statement later on today. Depending on what is in his statement we will need time to process the information in school tomorrow. Once we are aware of our plans based on this announcement, we will communicate with you via the app, website and text service.

It has been said before, these are unusual times and we are acting on advice from central government as soon as possible. Today the DfE has not communicated any further information on the coronavirus. Therefore we are acting on yesterday’s information in terms of what to do if you suspect your child displays symptoms associated with coronavirus.

Unless we say otherwise, school is open as usual tomorrow. Thank you for your continued support.


Here is the latest information from the DfE.  Please take time to read through the information. Thank you.



Here is the latest information from the Department for Education (DfE). It was sent out this afternoon. The advice from North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) is also based on the same information.
Schools are remaining open at the moment and unless your child has the symptoms described in the attached advice, they should still come to school.
As information comes into school we will share it with you as soon as possible. Communication is essential in situations such as this and we will endeavour to do our best to let you know what is happening.


The Department for Education (DfE) has issued updated information and advice on the Coronavirus.  Public Health England advises that the risk to individuals in the UK remains low and the GOV.UK website has all the information released as of today. Thank you.



Below is some information sent to schools from the Department for Education (DfE). The attached flyer is displayed in the school foyer for you to look at if the download does not work.


You should not be unduly worried about the possibility of your children catching the Coronavirus.

There is no reason why your children should not continue to attend their early years, school or further education setting as normal.

We recognise that some families or children may be planning to travel to China during the forthcoming half term period. If so, please refer to the FCO’s latest travel advice via the link below.



Dear Parents/Carers.

Thank you to those parents who park considerately when dropping and collecting their children from school.  We are still witnessing a small number of cases where cars are being parked on the zig zag lines on both roads next to the school. 

This poster was created by children at a school in Huddersfield as part of a safety campaign.  We thought it was a very graphic way to remind us all as to why the lines are there and to reconsider where we leave our cars before, during and after the school day.

Thank you for your support in keeping the roads safe around school and to being considerate when parking in the village.

Andrew Barber.