Maths at Hertford Vale C.E Primary School


At Hertford Vale we are committed to ensuring that every pupil has the mathematical knowledge and understanding needed to enable them to leave us with secure mathematical life skills. We aim for our maths lessons to promote enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning; alongside developing our school value of resilience, by challenging the children to take risks though a high quality mathematics curriculum that includes practical activity, discussion and exploration. We aim to develop inquisitive minds who have secure mathematical foundations. 


The 2014 National Curriculum for Maths aims to ensure that all children:

  • become fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics through varied and frequent practice.
  • reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry.
  • solve problems by applying their mathematics to routine and non-routine problems


Teaching of Maths 


Our daily maths lessons across the school are based on promoting fluency, confidence and competence and aims to develop problem solving skills through providing opportunities for decision making and reasoning. We aim to expose maths in a range of contexts, to allow children to make connections in learning. We utilise the White Rose Maths Programme and the NCTEM Teaching for Mastery program to develop a deeper understanding through reasoning activities linked to objectives within the Program of Study. Daily mathematics sessions allow children to review knowledge previously taught as well as introducing new concepts. In each lesson taught, teachers find opportunities for children to calculate, apply and think. 


From Y1-Y6 Maths is incorporated into Morning Challenge work, allowing children the opportunity to rehearse previously taught concepts which helps them to embed and apply learning. 


We are aware that there are children of differing mathematical abilities and attainment in all classes. We provide learning opportunities for all children by ensuring the challenge of the task is matched to that child’s ability. For children who grasp concepts quickly, they are offered activities which challenge them to extend and broaden their understanding. 


Click here to see the National curriculum and ‘Ready to progress’ mapping, that Hertford Vale follows.

Monitoring of Maths 


The progress of all children is monitored closely and if necessary interventions are put in place to accelerate their learning. Formative assessments such as asking questions, monitoring responses, whiteboard work and assessing work produced, are regularly carried out by teaching staff. 


Written assessments in Arithmetic and Reasoning are undertaken termly in Y1-Y6, and specific outcomes (as stated in year group programmes) are assessed after each block. 


At the end of EYFS, Year 2 and Year 6 statutory assessments are undertaken. Also, in Year 4, all children complete the Multiplication Tables Check.

Maths in EYFS 


Hertford Vale recognises that a positive relationship with mathematics will encourage children to develop the thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills needed to succeed throughout their time at school and beyond. The children in EYFS have short daily lessons, with an enabling mathematical environment that allows children to explore concepts independently. The teacher and adults within the classroom work with small groups of children to assess their level of understanding and provide personalised challenges. As will all the year groups across school, in EYFS, maths is fun and practical with plenty of opportunities for the children to use their voices.

Maths at home 


Sumdog - All children have access to Sumdog, which is a games-based adaptive-learning app that tailors curriculum-aligned questions to each child's unique level. Login details are sent home at the start of the academic year, however if you require them again, please contact your child’s class teacher. 

Below are links to the calculation policies. As a parent/guardian this is a useful document to show you how addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are taught in the various year groups. 


Addition and Subtraction Calculation Policy 


Multiplication and Division Calculation Policy