Hertford Vale Curriculum

The curriculum at Hertford Vale is designed to give children as many experiences as possible.  We look at the whole child and create a curriculum that not only focuses on the core skills needed to succeed but also at the more creative aspects of the world we live in.

The aim of our curriculum is to be as good as or better than the national Curriculum and to identify the knowledge pupils need to achieve the goals of their education.  Crucial knowledge is taught in a coherent sequence, broken down into small enough pieces to allow the children to build the knowledge they need over time.   

We ensure that the curriculum supports pupils’ personal development, behaviour and welfare by striking a balance between formal teaching and child-centered lessons.  By allowing children to shine in other areas such as creative arts, dance, sport and citizenship they are able to function as successful and resilient individuals. 

Celebrating the local area, people and culture is at the centre of our curriculum.  The history, geography and community are immensely important to the children at Hertford Vale.  Through local studies and making tangible links with local issues, we try to help the children see how they fit into where they live and ultimately how that relates to the wider world.

The children in our school make us immensely proud on a daily basis.  The experiences they all share are reflective of the community we live in and the wider world beyond Staxton.  We prepare the children for their transition from primary to secondary education so that they have every chance of success as they progress through life.


Curriculum Intent,

Implementation and Impact